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Kelsey Lichtenstein, CEO and Founder

Kelsey Lichtenstein has been mentoring and educating children, and parents, for nearly 20 years. Originally from Colorado, Kelsey calls Southern California home with her husband, Eric, and their two English Bulldogs. Kelsey’s passion and enthusiasm for life, people, ideas, and learning are evident in her everyday life. She strives to inspire a love for learning by encouraging curiosity and exploration. Teaching HOW and WHY, the essence of critical thinking and problem solving, are two essential skills rooted in Aspen Learning’s philosophy. Taking a very progressive, creative, and holistic approach to learning, Kelsey aspires to change the face of education by helping families discover that there’s not just one journey for every child – the options are limitless and we have the power to cultivate our own path through creative thinking, innovation, and community.

Kelsey Lichtenstein, CEO and FounderKelsey Lichtenstein, CEO and Founder
Kelsey Smith, Learning Specialist

Kelsey Smith, Learning Specialist

Kelsey Smith has worked with Aspen Learning Lab since 2012 supporting the development and implementation of curriculum and teacher professional development. She is passionate about bringing the mission of aspen Learning Lab to life through exceptional educational experiences, and has helped to develop a number of programs and approaches including our Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum and classes, Microschools, Homeschool, Enrichments and more. 

Kelsey Smith holds a B.A. and teaching credential along with a Minor in Applied Developmental Psychology from UCLA, and is currently completing her Fully-Employed MBA through UCLA’s Anderson School of Management with an emphasis in Social Impact. She began her career teaching full time in a TK-6th progressive arts integrated school before moving into nonprofit administration where she continues to work supporting the development and growth of programming and strategic partnerships. She has presented on a range of topics within education and the arts, ranging from Culturally Responsive Teaching to Integrating Visual Arts, ELA, and Music Technology in the Classroom at a number of local, state, and international institutions and conferences including USC, UCLA, CMEA, CASMEC, SIMM, among others, on topics ranging from Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices in Music to Integrating Technology in the classroom and curriculum. A lifelong learner, she is constantly researching and developing curriculum and engaging in ongoing professional development opportunities and fellowships (Arts Delegate 2020, CNM Nonprofit Leadership Certificate 2020). She is deeply aligned with Aspen Learning Lab’s mission to provide the most exceptional learning experiences for students through innovative and non-traditional approaches to education.

Meet Our Aspen Learning Team

Meet Our Aspen Learning Lab Team 

At Aspen Learning Lab we believe the key to learning success begins with an exceptional teacher and student partnership. Building on decades of experience,we’re confident that we’ll be able to make an impactful match that takes your student’s learning to the next level!

Our talented team of educators has more than 140 years of combined experience in the classroom and expertise in more than 55 subject areas. In addition to this wealth of professional experience, our teachers bring a global perspective to their teaching with more than nine languages spoken across our team and travel to more than 26 countries outside of the US. No matter your child’s educational goals, interests, unique circumstances, or family needs, your child’s education is in great hands.