A Personalized Flexible Learning Solution

What is Homeschool?

A Homeschool, or In-Home Education, is a completely personalized flexible learning solution outside of a traditional school setting. Each Aspen Learning Lab Homeschool is supported by one (or more) of our expert teachers along with a parent designated, accredited curriculum. We tailor each homeschool program to fit your student’s academic, social, and emotional needs while focusing on how they process information most effectively. Homeschool is a great option for families who are looking for flexibility and a tailored, private education.

Our Homeschool Programs are available for grades Kindergarten through 12th, one-on-one or small group, in-person or online.

Homeschool your child with a parent-designed, fully accredited program

Homeschool might be a fit for your family if you want:

Flexibility in your student’s learning journey.

A tailored approach.

An accredited curriculum.

A one-on-one or small group learning environment.

Real-world connections embedded in learning.

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

– Dalai Lama

How To Start A Homeschool

Homeschooling is as easy as 1-2-3, with Aspen Learning Lab at your side each step of the way.

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Step 2: Selecting Your Teacher & Curriculum

Step 2: Teacher and Curriculum Selection

Step 3: Your Homeschool Experience Begins

Step 3: Your Homeschool Experience Begins!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschool

What happens if my family wants to travel?

With Homeschool, there’s flexibility. Depending on the length of your travel plans, we offer different solutions to fit your needs. All of our teachers are experts in Remote Learning, which is a great way to maintain consistency and structure for your child’s education. If you’re planning to be away from LA for longer periods of time and would like in-person instruction, we also offer Traveling Teachers. Wherever your travel plans take you, Aspen Learning Lab has solutions for on-the-go families.

Can I add Enrichment Classes to my Homeschool program?
Absolutely! Click here to learn more about our Enrichment Classes.
Where does Homeschool curriculum come from?

At Aspen Learning Lab, we know the right curriculum can make all the difference. We have spent years working with the highest quality homeschool curriculum providers and are happy to discuss which one might be right for your family. We look forward to helping you find the curriculum that’s right for your family’s homeschool experience!

Can my child Homeschool while enrolled at their existing public school?

Yes! You might be a family who is interested in keeping your child enrolled at their existing public school while allowing them to learn at home. Independent Study Programs are a great way for your child to remain enrolled at their current school while learning at home with one of our expert teachers. It’s a great option for those families who want their child to participate in sports, hobbies, and elective classes at school while receiving personalized, one-on-one support.