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Aspen Learning Lab’s Tutoring and
Academic Coaching

Aspen Learning Lab’s one-on-one learning sessions are custom tailored to meet each student’s identified learning objectives and personal needs. Taking a 21st Century Skills approach, our teachers utilize a variety of supplemental resources and technology to help each student gain a better understanding of class content while fostering self-esteem, growth mindset, study skills, and a love for learning. Our approach utilizes differentiated instruction to meet students where they are, while giving them strategies and tools to help them feel more prepared for whatever they encounter beyond their classes.

One-on-one learning sessions are tailored to meet student learning objectives

“Even the genius asks questions.”

– Tupac Shakur

Tutoring & academic coaching

Tutoring & Academic Coaching might be a fit for your student if you want:

Support with completing weekly homework.
To develop a deeper understanding of content.
To enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills.
To improve time management skills.
To develop effective study skills.
To improve executive functioning skills.

Test preparation

Test Prep

Many students suffer from test-taking anxiety which can stifle self confidence and keep students from demonstrating their true academic abilities. Our Test Prep Teachers take a holistic approach in working with students to develop test-taking skills. By understanding each student’s learning style and goals, our teachers can help your student gain the confidence and skills to ace the test! Our Test Prep Teachers can help students prepare for:


Frequently Asked Questions about Tutoring & Coaching

Can my child receive support during the day at their local school?

Yes, we can offer in-school teacher support services to our students depending on individual school policies. We’re glad to work with you to explore this option if this is what your child needs.

How many times per week of tutoring is optimal for my child?

Every child has different needs and therefore we don’t have a set number of recommended days per week for tutoring. However, we do work to ensure consistency in scheduling in order to support our students and teachers. We encourage you to reach out for a consultation so we can better understand your needs and help create a tutoring plan that will help your students reach their goals.

What if my child needs more general academic and study skills support?

This is something we love to support! We recognize that often students need to develop general study skills as opposed to subject-specific tutoring. All of our tutors offer Academic Coaching that supports students in organization, study skills, time management, critical thinking, and comprehension. In fact, we believe these skills are so important that even if you’re primarily interested in subject specific support, you’ll often see our tutors working with your students to develop these skills as well.

What is the process for getting matched with a tutor?

One of the most important parts of our process at Aspen Learning Lab is ensuring that your child is matched with an exceptional teacher. For all our services, we begin by having students take a Learning Styles Assessment to better understand how each student processes information most effectively. We also have an in-depth interview process that helps us get to know each student, family, goals, and desired outcomes. From there, our expert team will match you with an educator who can best meet the needs of your student.