A Completely Customized Educational Experience

What is A Microschool?

Aspen Learning Lab’s Microschool programs are an innovative and completely customized way of learning. All of our Microschool programs include integrated, grade level core curriculum (i.e. English, history, science, and math), 21st Century Skill Building, social emotional learning, and a variety of enrichments, facilitated by one of our expert teachers. Each Microschool is designed for a small group of students (Learning Pod) and facilitated based on the strengths, interests, areas of growth, and goals for participating learners. Microschools offer all the flexibility and academic rigor of a homeschool environment with added social emotional learning and enrichment components, along with endless customizability options.

Our Microschool Programs are available for grades Kindergarten through 12th.

Microschool learning with a parent-designed, fully accredited program
Microschool learning

Microschool might be a fit for your family if you want:

A completely customized curriculum.

Flexibility beyond that of a homeschool environment.

A social learning environment for a small group of students.

Real-world connections, 21st Century Skills, project-based learning, enrichment activities and more!

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

– Dr. Seuss

Microschool enrichment

Microschool Enrichments

All Microschool Programs include enrichment options. Aspen Learning Lab’s Microschool enrichments explore everything from arts, technology, gardening and beyond. Students and families can select topics and subjects that each Pod is most interested in to accelerate and elevate their learning experience. Aspen Learning Lab offers an extensive variety of enrichments that will engage your child’s senses and cultivate a love for learning through exploration and real-world connections.

How To Start A Microschool

Starting a Microschool is easy with Aspen Learning Lab by your side.

Select your pod

Step 1: Select Your Pod

Getting to know you

Step 2: Getting to Know You

Teacher selection

Step 3: Teacher Selection Process

Custom curriculum

Step 4: Curriculum Customization

Microschool learning begins

Step 5: Your Microschool Learning Experience Begins!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Microschool

How many students can be part of a Microschool?

Ideally, a Microschool has between two and six students.

Do all students have to be in the same grade?

No, but it’s recommended that students are within one grade level of each other. 

When do Microschool programs start and end?

Microschools are all about flexibility. Your Microschool can choose your desired start date, spring break, and select days off. Each Aspen Learning Lab Microschool includes 32 weeks of instruction.

How many hours per week of instruction are there in Microschools?

Each Microschool includes a minimum of 20 instructional hours per week; however, your pod can opt to have more instructional time, depending on your enrichment choices and one-on-one time.

What is the difference between Aspen Learning Lab’s Homeschool and Microschool programs?

Customization! While Homeschool programs require an accredited curriculum with some options for customization, Microschools offer 100% customization and interest-based curriculum. Microschools also offer a unique, small-group learning setting, providing an engaging and social learning environment.