Enrichment Classes 

Bringing Learning To Life

Aspen Learning Enrichment Classes

Enrichments bring learning to life! Aspen Learning Lab’s enrichment classes explore everything from arts to technology, gardening, foreign language and more. Through curiosity and discovery, your child will utilize critical thinking skills as they move beyond traditional academic subjects.
Aspen Learning Lab’s Enrichments offer a hands-on approach to learning that will engage your child’s senses and cultivate a love of learning through exploration and real-world connections. 

Aspen Learning Lab’s enrichment programs cover a wide range of subjects and topics, available to students of all ages and grade levels.

“Wisdom begins in wonder”


The entire class participates in a chemistry experiment

Available Enrichment Programs 

Enrichment Programs








Marine Biology


Computer Science 


And many more

Is there another topic you or your child is interested in? Contact us for our full list of Enrichment options. If we don’t currently have an active curriculum for what you’re interested in, we can work with you and your child to create a customized program.

 If you are interested in starting a Learning Pod or would like more
information about our Enrichment options, click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Enrichment Classes

Can a Learning Pod focus on Enrichments only?

Yes! You can create a Learning Pod that just focuses on Enrichments of your choice in a small-group, social setting. We recommend STEAM, foreign languages, robotics, and theater arts, to name a few, as Enrichment options for small-groups.

Can Enrichments be incorporated into my child’s Homeschool, Microschool, or Tutoring Program?

Yes! Whether it’s single-subject tutoring, academic coaching, or a completely customized Microschool, Enrichments can be added to almost any Aspen Learning Lab Program. Contact us for more information about how to build Enrichments into your child’s learning program today.