Homeschool vs. Microschool: Which is right for my family?

Which Is Right For My Family?

What Is A Homeschool?

A Homeschool, or In Home Education, refers to educating a child at home, or a variety of other places, outside of a traditional school setting. Aspen Learning Lab Homeschools are supported by one of our expert teachers along with a parent designed curriculum. We tailor each homeschool program to fit your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs while focusing on how they process information most effectively. Homeschool is a great solution for families who are looking for flexibility AND a tailored, private education.

Available for grades K-12, one-on-one or pod.

What Is A Micro School?

Aspen Learning Lab’s Micro Schools are an innovative and completely customized way of learning. All of our Micro Schools include an integrated, grade level core curriculum (i.e. English, history, science, and math) facilitated by one of our expert teachers, 21st Century Skill Building, social emotional learning, and a variety of enrichments. It’s an in-home, fully comprehensive learning program that’s designed specifically for your child or pod. Our project based learning goes beyond traditional curriculum to include everything from robotics and coding to gardening and movie making – it’s engaging and interactive nature promotes 21st Century Skills and excites young minds! If you can dream about your child’s education, we can build it!

Available for grades K-12, one-on-one or pod.

Homeschool or Micro School


What’s Included


Daily Instruction

Length Of Academic Year


Parents choose from two options: 1. Accredited online private school, 2. Local public or private school

Homeschool includes the curriculum. Enrichments or other activities are extra. 

Homeschools are flexible but still have to follow a set calendar and program outlined by the curriculum.

Minimum 3 Hours Per Day for core subjects

Homeschool’s academic year depends on the curriculum and generally follows a traditional academic calendar. 

Micro School

Parents choose from an accredited curriculum or completely customized curriculum.

Micro Schools include everything and then some. The curriculum and any enrichments that are fit into the education plan.

Micro Schools are 100% flexible. If your family travels or need unique flexibility a Micro School can support your lifestyle.

Minimum 4 Hours Per Day

Micro Schools include 32 weeks of instruction over a 37 week period. 

Contact us to explore each program in more depth.