Is Homeschooling right for my family?

by Aspen Learning Lab

There have never been more options in education for families looking to break from the traditional school model. Nearly 2 million children are homeschooled throughout the United States with that number growing nearly 10% per year. Homeschooling meets the needs of parents who increasingly are seeking a more positive environment for their children coupled with more rigorous and personalized academics. Homeschooling also offers the added benefits of a more flexible school schedule, the ability to travel and continue with your child’s academic journey, and the opportunity to move beyond traditional, lifeless curricula. If you’ve found yourself questioning the impact of your child’s current in-school programs or are seeking flexibility beyond what your school can offer, Homeschooling might be an option for you!

At Aspen Learning Lab, we’ve long-known the many benefits offered by Homeschooling, and have worked to develop unique Homeschool programming that offers flexibility, personalization, and a truly exceptional education experience. This may sound great to you, but how do you truly know if Homeschooling is a fit for you and your family? We suggest you start by thinking about your reasons for exploring options outside of the traditional school model. 

Is it the curriculum and educational approach?

Homeschool allows for significantly more flexibility in the curriculum and education resources we can bring into your home classroom. Perhaps your child is falling behind in the traditional classroom and would benefit from a more personalized, one-on-one approach. If that’s the case, you can expect big results from Homeschooling. Students in our Homeschool programs typically are learning content that is aligned to their academic and developmental level. Alternatively, perhaps your student is excelling and lacks adequate academic challenges in their current school. This is also a great reason to consider homeschooling. By assessing each individual student and building a program that meets their individual needs and interests, we can provide a Homeschool program that truly allows your child to excel academically. All of our Homeschool curricula are California Department of Education approved, so your student will also be receiving an education that allows them to transition back into traditional school if and ever your family decides to do so. 

Is it challenges or dissatisfaction with a traditional school environment?

Many families feel dissatisfaction with various aspects of the traditional school environment. Social challenges, peer pressure and bullying, or a school culture that may not fully reflect what your family identifies with are all reasons parents may look into Homeschool. The beauty of Homeschool is that it offers the opportunity for your child to focus on academics in a safe and supportive environment, while also allowing them the flexibility to attend extracurricular activities they’re truly interested in. Because Homeschool learning is so personalized it happens at a much quicker pace than you might be used to from your traditional school experiences. This leaves your child and family the time and flexibility to engage with outside extracurriculars that truly support the development of your children.

Maybe you’re seeking flexibility beyond what a school can offer…

This is another common reason families might look into Homeschooling. A typical Homeschool program is just 15 hours per week of core learning. With an array of curricula to choose from, whether your family is traveling or your child is deeply engaged in outside extracurriculars, Homeschooling offers flexibility beyond that of the traditional school model. And unlike a traditional school model, you can set a schedule that works best for your child. That means no more 7:30 am starts for your teenager. Instead, we will help you craft a schedule that takes into consideration the most optimal times for learning and for your family. 

There are many reasons why families choose to Homeschool. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the best options for your family.