Homeschool FAQ’S

What happens if my family wants to travel?

With Homeschool, there’s flexibility. Depending on the length of your travel plans, we offer different solutions to fit your needs. All of our teachers are experts in Remote Learning, which is a great way to maintain consistency and structure for your child’s education. If you’re planning to be away from LA for longer periods of time and would like in-person instruction, we also offer Traveling Teachers. Wherever your travel plans take you, Aspen Learning Lab has solutions for on-the-go families.

Can I add Enrichment Classes to my homeschool program?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more about our Enrichment Classes.

Where Does Homeschool Curriculum Come From?

At Aspen Learning Lab, we know the right curriculum can make all the difference. We have spent years working with the highest quality homeschool curriculum providers and are happy to discuss which one might be right for your family. We look forward to helping you find the curriculum that’s right for your family’s homeschool experience!

Can my child Homeschool while enrolled at their existing public school?

Yes! You might be a family who is interested in keeping your child enrolled at their existing public school while allowing them to learn at home. Independent Study Programs are a great way for your child to remain enrolled at their current school while learning at home with one of our expert teachers. It’s a great option for those families who want their child to participate in sports, hobbies, and elective classes at school while receiving personalized, one-on-one support.

Microschool FAQ’S

How many students can be part of a Microschool?

Ideally, a Microschool has between two and six students.

Do all students have to be in the same grade?

No, but it’s recommended that students are within one grade level of each other. 

When do Microschool programs start and end?

Microschools are all about flexibility. Your Microschool can choose your desired start date, spring break, and select days off. Each Aspen Learning Lab Microschool includes 32 weeks of instruction.

How many hours per week of instruction are there in Microschools?

Each Microschool includes a minimum of 20 instructional hours per week; however, your pod can opt to have more instructional time, depending on your enrichment choices and one-on-one time.

What is the difference between Aspen Learning Lab’s Homeschool and Microschool programs?

Customization! While Homeschool programs require an accredited curriculum with some options for customization, Microschools offer 100% customization and interest-based curriculum. Microschools also offer a unique, small-group learning setting, providing an engaging and social learning environment.

Learning Pods FAQ’S

What type of programming is available to Learning Pods?

Aspen Learning Lab currently offers Homeschool, Microshool, Enrichment, and Tutoring programs for Learning Pods. Depending on the level of customization and learning approach your group is seeking, we are confident that we can provide an existing or fully customizable curriculum that will meet the needs of your group!

What if I have a group bigger than six?

If you have a group of more than six students in adjacent grade levels, we recommend a co-teacher to support your Learning Pod. A co-teacher will provide optimal student-teacher ratios so that all students can receive personalized attention in your small group setting.

How should I go about organizing my Learning Pod?

We highly recommend creating your learning pod with families you know well. It’s important to have a conversation with potential families about shared values and each participating student’s learning styles and goals to ensure you are all aligned throughout the process. Participating students should all be within one adjacent grade-level of each other for Learning Pods with one facilitating teacher. Each Learning Pod can have between two to six participating students. At Aspen Learning Lab, we’ve been facilitating Learning Pods since well before the pandemic, and our team is here to help guide and support you in the process of creating an exceptional learning experience for all families and students. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are seeking support in the early stages of assembling your group, we’re here to help!

Enrichment Programs FAQ’S

Can a Learning Pod focus on Enrichments only?

Yes! You can create a Learning Pod that just focuses on Enrichments of your choice in a small-group, social setting. We recommend STEAM, foreign languages, robotics, and theater arts, to name a few, as Enrichment options for small-groups.

Can Enrichments be incorporated into my child’s Homeschool, Microschool, or Tutoring Program?

Yes! Whether it’s single-subject tutoring, academic coaching, or a completely customized Microschool, Enrichments can be added to almost any Aspen Learning Lab Program. Contact us for more information about how to build Enrichments into your child’s learning program today.

Tutoring & Academic Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child receive support during the day at their local school?

Whether your child needs support at school or at home, our teachers provide an all encompassing educational experience for students who need a little extra assistance.

Can I add Enrichment Classes to my curriculum?

Absolutely! Learn More about our Enrichment Classes.